The Charles “Chip” Connell Spirit Award

This award was created in honor of Charles “Chip” Connell who exemplified the spirit and support of figure skating.  He enjoyed skating as an adult and regularly followed the progress of figure skating and the skaters in our arena.  When he “retired” from skating, he continued to cheer from the sideline.  Therefore this award is designed to recognize and honor a person who has promoted the sport and spirit of figure skating, whether or not he/she is a skater.  However, this recognition may only be awarded to JCFSC members and their family members.

An individual may receive this award only once.

The JCFSC Founders’ Award

This award was created by club founders, Gail Damiano and Lynne Leger, to recognize outstanding sportsmanship by a skater.  This skater will be recognized for exemplary behavior both on and off the ice.  Each eligible member may vote for the skater that they feel most deserves this award.  The recipient of this award must be a home member of the JCFSC and 18 years or younger.

The skater receiving the most votes by the membership will receive this award.  An individual may receive this award only once.