Ice-Lantics Synchronized Skating in New Jersey

Who are we?

The Ice-Lantics Synchronized Skating Team was established in 1996 with 12 skaters to become of one of the PREMIER teams in the United States. Our highly competitive team, which has represented the East Coast nationally in four USFSA championships, is affiliated with the Jersey Coast Figure Skating Club and calls the Jersey Shore Arena home!

The Coaching staff brings a world of experience to the team. Coach Lynne Leger, a former Ice Capades skater, brings 20 years of teaching experience. To learn more about trying out to be a member, please contact Lynne Leger:, (732) 919-7070

FAQ’s About Synchronized Skating

What is Synchronized Skating?

Synchronized Skating is one of figure skating’s fastest growing disciplines. It is a highly technical form of skating characterized by speed, precision, intricate formations, elaborate footwork and breathtaking transitions performed by teams of 8-20 athletes.

Who can participate in Synchronized Skating?

Level of involvement varies based on the individual skater’s skill level, but there’s teams for everyone of all ages and levels! Each season varies for each team based on athlete interest so the more skaters there are, the more divisions to be part of!