President's Annual Letter

August 23, 2017
Dear Members,
Our club’s sixth year has been a wonderful one filled with skaters successfully passing USFS tests and winning numerous awards in competitions.   Shortly after the new year began we again registered the 100th member for the second year in a row.  With our new skating year underway, we can already boast 107 full members. We are proud to be a club that continually maintains at least 100 members each year.  Our second goal was again achieved when we were recognized in Skating magazine and at the Governing Council meeting as a club that registered at least 10 new members AND retained at least 75% of the membership from the previous skating year. 
Our fifth annual Basic Skills Competition, Frankenskate, was a smoothly run success, thanks to Chairs Gail Damiano,  Kaitlyn Buffone, Krisanne Vigliotti and all of their volunteers.  Having taken place on October 22, 2016, events included freestyle, compulsory moves, both solo and pair ice dancing, and synchronized skating.  Coaches from other clubs as well as our guest judges left with many compliments regarding the competition.  The announcement for this year’s competition is already approved and published, and will take place on Saturday, October 28, 2017.  
With the cooperation of all coaches and through the vision of Lynn Massone, our “Hollywood Holidays” show was deemed a success by all who attended on Sunday, December 18, 2016.  The audience enjoyed both the group and solo performances from skaters of all abilities. Plans are already underway for our next holiday show which has been scheduled for Sunday, December 17, 2017.
As always our wonderful Hospitality Chair, Suzanne McCarthy, organized a flawless and fun filled Annual Awards Luncheon.  The Spring Lake Manor hosted our event which included great food, exciting raffle baskets, games and awards galore.  Once again it was a highlight of the year and a great way to celebrate our skaters’ successes. Thank you again to the parents and coaches for the beautiful gift basket donations!
Some other important events are on-going.  We continue to successfully host test sessions, some of which included gold and international level dance judges.  Leanne Byer earned her Gold medal in Moves in the Field during this past skating year.  NichoIas Bausenwein, Leanne Byer, Lindsey Byer, Lana Van Note, Taylor Doran and Megan McEvoy represented our club at North Atlantic Regional Competiton, where Nick and Taylor qualified and thus competed in the Eastern Sectional Competition as well.  William Lissauer, Samantha Gonzalez, and Christina Aiello qualified in the Solo Dance series and competed in Solo Dance Nationals in Colorado.  Stephanie Roth won the Adult Eastern Sectional competition for her division, which made her eligible to compete in Adult Nationals where she earned the silver medal.  We look forward to another successful year of skating, fun, and achievement!
Respectfully submitted,
Gail A. Damiano, JCFSC President


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